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1 Day Business Application Builder

Whether your business or organisation wants to take its first steps in the Microsoft Power Platform or is already established, Praxiis will build a 'production-ready' business application in one day to solve a challenge you are facing.

Praxiis are established experts in creating fast and effective solutions within the Power Platform and offer a low cost of entry route into the Power Platform through its 1 day app builder.

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What Do You Get?

Praxiis will build an app for your organisation in the Power Platform over the course of one day. The app will solve an existing challenge facing your organisation and at the end of the day it will be possible for your staff to use it. At the end of the day, Praxiis will demonstrate how the app works and train you how to use it.

Initial Consultation

A 1 hour initial consultation before the day with a Praxiis consultant to understand your organisation's requirement.

Production Ready App

A fully fledged, 'production-ready' mobile or desktop app that meets your requirement, built in one day and built on the following Microsoft technologies:

  • Power Apps

  • Power Automate

Secure Data

A secure, cloud-based database on Microsoft's Dataverse to store your data.


2 Power Platform licenses to see you through the first month.


A training session on how to access and use your new app with a final "what next" discussion.

What Does It Cost?

The 'all in' cost for the 1 day app builder is £1695 + VAT

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Who Is It For?

Small or medium sized organisations or businesses that want:

  • A quick solution to an existing problem that 'just works'.

  • To get started with Microsoft Power Platform in a low-risk and low-cost way.

  • An app built quickly to fit in to an existing Power Platform environment. Praxiis can build the app and bring it in to your existing envirnoment.

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What Happens After?

Firstly, the app is yours to keep. All you have to do is continue with your low-cost Power Platform licenses each month to keep using it. Remember that this also includes your database and all of the security benefits of the Power Platform.

Now that you have an app in the Power Platform in the Microsoft cloud you can continue your journey and transform the way your business works:

  • Build more apps.

  • Add more useres.

  • Store more data.

  • Automate your processes.

  • Communicate externally.

  • Integrate with other systems.

  • Integrate with other Microsoft technologies including Outlook, SharePoint etc.

  • Expand into other Microsoft products including Dynamics 365.

Praxiis can engage with your organisation in the future to provide any or all of the above and more.

Praxiis also offer training and support packages in addition to technology reviews to help identify areas for improvement and to transform and modernise your organisation or business.

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