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Are you ready to boost your workforce productivity with efficient technology?

We Help You Streamline Multiple Aspects Of Your Business By Implementing Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365

The Problem

You're currently facing several issues across your organisation that are stopping you from confidently scaling.
You want your teams to work more efficiently and make better decisions.

You feel information is siloed across your organisation, making communication and visibility difficult.

Visibility of existing leads is low, leading to poor follow-ups.

You have sales coming in, but you can't clearly identify where from.

Your cashflow forecasting is volatile.

Your customer response time is slow, which can lead to lower customer satisfaction.


The Solution

You can utilise technology in a way that allows you to:

  • Boost workforce productivity

  • Scale operations smoothly

  • Improve forecasting

  • Increase the transparency of the sales process/pipeline

  • Increase customer retention

  • Improve your customer service

All this is possible without you having to worry about the willingness of your departments to work collaboratively across your organisation.

At Praxiis we help you achieve the above by using the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.


Learn how to utilise technology to make your business processes efficient

Apply for your free technology strategy session today to identify opportunities for your business!


Increase visibility across your organisation


Boost workforce productivity and automate tasks

Customer service

Optimise your customer service and retention


Improve forecasting and transparency of sales pipeline

Writing on Sticky Notes

About Praxiis

Praxiis helps business owners to streamline their internal business process by helping them implement and setup Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

We can help you if you're at risk of losing customers due to slow or poor communication due to cumbersome systems.

Or if you want to scale but don't feel you have the right systems in place.

What does the free audit/strategy process look like?

Step 1


You apply for your free technology optimisation audit and consultation session via the forms on this website.

Step 2

A Member of our team will call you

A member of our team will call you to ask some questions about your organisation. This will help us identify any issues you may currently be facing. The call will take about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3

We Book in your free audit/strategy session

Lastly we'll coordinate to book in a time for your free audit and consultation session. During this session we'll look at your existing use of technology and help you identify what you can do to make your approach more efficient.

Plus, Gain These Bonuses

We offer a No Commitment guarantee

Modern Office

Scoping out the best technology solution for your business takes a lot of time. Don't worry we're not going to make you commit to a long term contract.

Exclusive access to our technology optimisation primer video guide

Casual Meeting

Once you apply for your free 1-1 bespoke technology audit you'll also gain immediate access to our technology optimisation primer!

Working Together

In Summary

Free Strategy Audit

For a 1 on 1 bespoke review of your existing use of technology

Free Consultation Session

Suggestions for what you can do to improve your processes immediately!


No commitment, no contracts to tie you in.


And gain access to our technology optimisation primer guide.

Want to Know More?

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